Au loin là-bas, la nuit nous donnera des ailes

Ceramic, lean, wood, glass Variable dimension 2017

Dead End Floor

Installation in-situ Hexagonal floor tile from Burgundy 362x280cm 2015

Le baiser de plomb

Lead, wood 60 x 45 x 20 cm 2017 Collection privée


Glass, glue-concrete, steel Variables dimensions 2015/2017

Birds like a fox

Digital photography Inkjet printing on matte paper 40 x 60 cm 2017

Don’t think twice it’s alright

Installation in-situ Wood, glass, steel, glue-concrete Variable dimension 2015

Thanks to Black Bloc

Installation Homesession, Barcelone Glass, steel, bank paper, wood 285x244x156cm 2015


Digital photography Inkjet printing on dibon paper 50x65cm 2014

Beware Human

Digital photography against laminated steel Inkjet printing on matte paper 100x125cm 2014

Usage et Surface

Digital photography Inkjet printing on matte paper, metal frame with eight layer glass 20 x 30 x 4 cm 2017

Stand-for Self-Reliance

Installation in-situ Wood, steel Variable dimension 2015

In Search of Simplicity

Installation in-situ ENSBA Lyon Cutting on plaster, neon Variable dimension 2015

La part des anges

Wood, bottles of glass 300 x 200 x 10 cm 2017

Cerisier au printemps

2017 Drawing on lead 20 x 20 cm

Piscine ou mirage ?

Bottle of glass, water 320 x 140 x 9 cm 2017